NYC Site Connection

Vollmuth & Brush has designed and inspected a multitude of site connection applications (formerly known as SD1 and SD2) within all 5 boroughs of NYC. At Vollmuth & Brush, we believe in being involved in every step of the process, from design and approval, all the way to final sign-off of the connection.

New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) has instituted new rules within the past decade that limit the amount of stormwater flow that is allowed to discharge to combined sewer systems. These rules call for the addition of stormwater detention and/or retention systems to reduce the quantity of stormwaters discharging to city sewers during stormwater events. Vollmuth & Brush can help in sizing, designing, and getting these stormwater detention or retention systems approved through the NYCDEP and NYCDOB offices. Vollmuth & Brush is also well versed in the permit process with the local borough offices of the NYCDEP, and can aid your plumbers or expeditors in obtaining permits to install these systems.