Construction Inspection

Vollmuth & Brush can provide construction inspection for all projects that we are involved with. We also provide independent construction inspections for outside professionals and agencies. Vollmuth & Brush's site inspectors are familiar with local rules and regulations in the New York City Metropolitan area. Site inspectors are trained to identify inconsistencies between the approved plans and field conditions and suggest recommended solutions to accommodate field conditions to the engineers. For example, Vollmuth & Brush inspected over 1.5 miles of excavation in New York City streets. During this project unmapped utilities were exposed which interfered with the proposed pipeline. The Firm's inspectors were able to suggest solutions to these interferences that were acceptable to the City. Construction delays and increased costs to the owner were avoided.

Vollmuth & Brush Construction Inspection services insure that the plans are constructed according to specifications and that accurate as-built records are maintained.

In addition to providing Construction Inspection of Vollmuth & Brush design projects, staff inspectors have experience with the following clients:

NYC Port Authority

Metropolitan Transit Authority

NYC Housing Authority

NYC Department of Environmental Protection

Nassau County Department of Public Works

Suffolk County Department of Public Works

Suffolk County Health Department

Suffolk County Water Authority

Massapequa School District

Levittown School District

Plainview School District

Jericho School District