Environmental Site Audits

Real estate transactions frequently require that the potential environmental liabilities of a property be examined in Environmental Site Audits prior to purchase or refinance. Vollmuth & Brush has prepared Environmental Site Audits for over 2,000,000 sq., ft. of commercial and industrial property. Audits are prepared by New York State Licensed Professional Engineers and Certified Environmental Auditors. Phase I Audits include full Agency Searches and if requested Asbestos inspections and Lead Inspections.

Vollmuth & Brush also conducts Phase II site remediations in response to the Phase I Audits. These remediations are done in a supervisory capacity with Vollmuth & Brush designing, coordinating and scheduling the various remedial activities.

Vollmuth & Brush has prepared Environmental Site Audits for the following institutions:


Chase Manhattan Bank

Suffolk County National Bank

Nippon Bank



ITT Small Business Finance

Union Savings Bank

GE Mortgage

Marine Midland Bank