Wastewater Disposal

At Vollmuth & Brush, our staff members have Environmental Engineering experience in a broad spectrum of wastewater treatment and disposal. We have provided wastewater treatment process designs to municipalities in New York City, Rockland County and Orange County. Municipal and private treatment plant design experience includes batch reactors, oxidation ditches, trickling filters, and activated sludge. We are also experienced in the preparation of Industrial Pretreatment Studies, Discharge monitoring Studies and Sludge Management Studies.

Vollmuth & Brush provides expert assistance in the improvement of wastewater treatment plant operations. The Firm designed and supervised the construction of a 1.2 million gallon per day private pumping station in New York City. The pumping station included the installation of approximately 1.5 miles of force main in New York City streets. Our experience ranges from the large municipal treatment plants to the on site residential septic systems.

Vollmuth & Brush was the first firm on Long Island to obtain routine regulatory approvals for low profile style residential sanitary systems for use in high groundwater locations in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. These systems provide superior operation in difficult site conditions.

The Suffolk County Health Department is in the process of updating their standards for sanitary systems to eliminate the ability to install traditional septic systems, which do not reduce nitrogen from sanitary waste. Alternative systems will be required to install within Suffolk County. Vollmuth & Brush is a certified designer of these alternative systems.