Recent Projects

Meadows at Yaphank, Yaphank, NY

Vollmuth & Brush provided the civil engineering, planning and environmental consulting services required to design a 300 acre development consisting of residential, commercial, and town park improvements. The project is located within the Pine Barrens corridor of New York, and includes innovative design elements to promote both pedestrian and bicycle traffic, and to maximize open space preservation. Vollmuth & Brush was responsible for the subdivision of the property, as well as approvals for residential townhouses, assisted living facilities, and a town park located within the project limits. The approval process involved working with the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County Health Department, Suffolk County of Department Works, and Suffolk County Water Authority. Construction on the project began in 2015. A sanitary pump station was designed and overseen by Vollmuth & Brush, that ultimately discharges to a wastewater treatment plan that Vollmuth & Brush is the resident engineer of.

Barclay Arena (Atlantic Yards Project), Brooklyn, NY

The Barclay Arena project involves a major redevelopment of a (6) block area of Brooklyn. Vollmuth & Brush was responsible for the preparation of plans for the combined sewer, trunk water and distribution water main infrastructure that surround and support the new development of a Sports Arena, High Density Residential, and Commercial project. The project is located at a transportation hub (MTA, L.I.R.R) and has significant infrastructure improvement requirements. Vollmuth & Brush prepared and obtained approval of a NYCDEP Amended Drainage Plan, and NYCDEP Combined Sewer and Water Main Construction Plans, Phase I for this project. The Phase I combined sewer and water main improvements have been installed under the inspection supervision of Vollmuth & Brush. Vollmuth & Brush was also involved in the approval process for site connections for the surrounding residential towers.

IKEA Redhook, Brooklyn, NY

IKEA Redhook project is a major waterfront redevelopment project in Brooklyn. The project required a full ULURP/CEQR review and approval. Vollmuth & Brush was responsible for the site plan engineering (grading, storm drainage, sanitary drainage, water main, erosion control, storm water pollution prevention planning, etc) for the property. Improvements to NYC streets to accommodate the additional traffic generated by this facility was also a part of the project design. In addition, Vollmuth & Brush is responsible for the NYSDEC and U.S Army Corps permitting for the 3,500 ft bulkhead restoration in addition to coordination of these permits with the Brownfield's Work Plan requirements. This project was completed by summer of 2008.

East River Plaza, Manhattan, NY

This five story project is the first big box retail development (Target, Home Depot , Expo) in Manhattan. Vollmuth & Brush prepared the site plans and NYC Drainage Plans necessary to achieve approval from the City of New York for the required zone change and roadway demapping. The project included the relocation of Con Edison submarine primary cables and abandonment and construction of new large diameter combined sewer. The East River Plaza site required a NYCDEP Modified Drainage Plan and NYCDEP Combined Sewer Construction Plan, NYCDEP Water Main Plan and FDNY Communication Plan. The infrastructure improvements designed by Vollmuth & Brush have been installed and the building is under construction.

Bricktown Center, Staten Island, NY

This 32 acre retail development located on Staten Island is in final stages of construction for the second phase of development. During Phase I of construction, Vollmuth & Brush was responsible for the site planning and civil engineering portions of this project. The project required significant grading and drainage design work due to existing NYSDEC freshwater wetlands impacted by the development area, which required a pre and post development balance, This plan required preparation of a NYCDOT Drainage Plan and NYCDEP 48 inch Storm and 10 inch Sanitary Construction Plans, NYCDOT Plans, NYCDEP Water Main Plans, ULURP Site Plans, etc, having an improvement scope larger than the proposed Hub Project. The current phase II development consists of an 11 acre lot that is a mix of retail property with a library building. This phase also required significant grading and drainage design work to tie-into both existing and proposed grades around the property, and coordination with NYC Parks Department who is developing the adjacent property.

Home Depot, Crospey Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Vollmuth & Brush provided civil engineering, planning and environmental consulting services required to obtain the following site plan approvals:

ULURP Zone Change: From existing residential to commercial.

NYCDEP Drainage Plan Modification

NYC Parks Department Waterfront Park Design and Creation.

NYSDEC Tidal Wetland Adjacent Area Remediation

NYCDEP Sanitary Sewer Construction Approval

Site Plan Design

Aspen Knolls Development, Staten Island, NY

Vollmuth & Brush provided civil engineering, planning and environmental consulting services that were required to achieve approval for US Navy Homeport residential construction. A total of 1,000 single family townhouses were designed and constructed on a 35 acre parcel. This was the first large scale modular home development in NYC. Vollmuth & Brush was responsible for the design of the site plan, drainage, grading and New York City permitting for the project. The project required ULURP approval, NYSDEC Wetland Approval and NYCDEP Sewer Design and Construction. When the Navy eventually vacated the Homeport the project was converted to a single family private community. Vollmuth & Brush prepared the required Home Owners Association documents for this project.

Municipal Consulting

City of Yonkers Planning Department

Vollmuth & Brush provides Engineering, Planning and Survey services to the City of Yonkers (1995-Present). We have prepared Streetscape Improvement Plans, Property Acquisition Surveys, Environmental Audits, City Site Plans, Asbestos Surveys, Review of Private Plans, Review of DEIS/FEIS, etc. Our services are provided under an annual consulting contract, standard per diem rates with work authorizations based on budget estimated.

Village of Huntington Bay, NY

Vollmuth & Brush provides Engineering, Planning and Survey services to the Village of Huntington Bay (1998-Present) Jeffrey P. Vollmuth, P.E. is the Village Engineer/Planner and advises the Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board and Village Trustees. The Village of Huntington Bay has obtained NYS Bond Act money for installation of stormwater management systems utilizing Vollmuth & Brush designs, reports and applications.